Workshops: Techniques and Process

Workshops: Techniques and Process

I love teaching workshops and sharing my process with others. Please contact me to book a workshop and to discuss scheduling and fees. Itinerary can be customized to adjust to either be shorter or longer.

Sample Two Day Hands-On Workshop: “Clay as Canvas”

This workshop offers a chance to explore a variety of surface techniques on red earthenware or stoneware clay. Shanna will demonstrate multiple handbuilt approaches that lend themselves to illustrated surfaces such as press-molded tiles, slump molded slab platters, drape molded template-cut trays, and coil-built containers. We will also throw and alter forms on the wheel with the intent of gaining familiarity and ease with vessels that work well with imagery or pattern.
Shanna will demonstrate how to use slip, underglaze, texture, and thermo-fax screen prints as successive layers to create a canvas for scraffito drawing, Participants will have access to a variety of thermo-fax screens during the workshop. The screens are a type of stencil that are customizable and made ready to use without using photographic emulsion. By simply ribbing viscous underglaze through the screen, one can contrast a printed image with the linear quality of hand drawn scraffito. Resources for purchasing the screens will be provided.

Already fired bisqued pieces will then be presented to show glaze, wax resist and oxide wash techniques. We will discuss composition and proportion, timing in clay, image-generation, and how to apply the techniques to your own work. A slide presentation with examples of work, influences and research wrap up the instruction.

• To experiment with forms which lend themselves to imagery and pattern, both on and off the wheel.
• To explore the surface effects of slip, texture, scraffito, underglaze, oxide washes, Stroke-and-Coat glazes and thermo-faxes.
• To create a layered surface on a red clay body that has depth and intent.