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Sidwell Friends School grades 9-11
Unfired porcelain, stoneware
Fall 2017
Project: Collective Record
Objective: To collaboratively arrange an installation according to your class’s given word/theme within the space assigned. Through multiplicity, smaller parts will create a large-scale impression.
Directions: Choose a “part” to make that reflects a record of making. For example, the negative space of a grip, the impression of your elbow, or the result of pushing into the clay with your fingertips. Repeat the parts in multiples of 50. Add the parts to our inventory of pieces from all classes. When given your word and space, work together as a group to best arrange chosen pieces in a way that illustrates the theme (resistance, unity, accumulation, evolution, growth, rebellion). Consider color, found objects, existing surroundings and light to create focal points within the install.